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Keke Rosberg | 1985 | Detroit

Updated: Feb 16

1985 Formula 1 World Championship: Detroit Circuit

Keke Rosberg won his fourth world championship race in his career. It was the first victory for a Honda-powered car since the 1967 Italian Grand Prix.

Keke Rosberg | 1985 | Detroit

Keke Rosberg | 1985 | Detroit

Keke Rosberg managed to maintain a large margin over all the other drivers, but his race was made more difficult by an overheating of the water: this was due to a sheet of paper that was clogging one of the radiators. 

My personal view

So, picture this: it's the year 1985, and we're in Detroit for an exhilarating Formula 1 race. Keke Rosberg, a Finnish racing driver with nerves of steel and lightning-fast reflexes, is about to make history. The atmosphere is electric as he accelerates his Williams-Honda car down the straight stretch, skillfully navigating the twists and turns of the street circuit. With sheer determination and precision, Keke manages to overtake his rivals one by one, leaving them in his dust. As he crosses the finish line, triumphant cheers erupt from the crowd - Keke has secured a sensational victory! This moment not only marks his first win of the season but also makes him the only driver on record to secure a win without leading any laps during the race. Talk about defying expectations! Keke Rosberg's incredible performance paves the way for an unforgettable day in Detroit's racing history.

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