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Passion for races and great Legends made this Shop alive

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Evan DeCiren was born and raised in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland in a humble family of motorsport enthusiasts.

Evan developed a great affinity for comics and wanted to be a designer as a kid. And he succeeded in a spectacular way.

Evan DeCiren was born and raised in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland in the humble family of a superbike mechanic. Naturally, he spent a lot of time in the camper of his father's team Honda HRC during various competitions across Europe. Evan has developed a great affinity for comic art and since he was a kid, he wanted to be a designer. And succeeded in a spectacular way.

“I was always into comics – starting with the classic “Mickey Mouse” to the “Japanese Manga”. In ’96 we went with the whole family to spend a month of our summer vacation being guests to a friend of my father who was a Honda FCC engineer. The Japanese culture from here will become an inspiration for my
personal growth”, remembers Evan.


His story is also interesting because he has both mechanical and illustrator degrees. Think of him as the guy capable of both fixing and drawing vehicles. Initially, his comics studies were influenced by the Japanese manga comic style but later he found inspiration in the design works of Mignola, Miller, and Risso. They had helped Evan to form his unique and distinctive style.

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A little while ago Evan DeCiren contacted BIKE ME! to say thanks. Thanks for displaying his artwork in one of the regular motorcycle art posts that appear on BIKE ME! from time to time.

Which we all thought was nice. So it was to have a chat with Evan before all the goodwill had disappeared.

Evan DeCiren is an artist who depicts what he loves, and Evan’s love is MotoGP. Sure, he illustrates other things but we’re not concerned about those other things. But it’s certainly worth seeing how one man’s lifelong passion has turned into a career and ongoing love affair...

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