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Jody Scheckter | 1976 | Anderstorp

Swedish Grand Prix Scandinavian Raceway, Anderstorp 13 June 1976

Pole went to the Tyrrell P34, the car with six wheels. Mario Andretti in a Lotus took the lead, thanks to an early start. Behind were the Tyrrell duo Jody Scheckter-Patrick Depailler, Chris Amon, Gunnar Nilsson and Niki Lauda. Jody Scheckter's victory was the only one in F1 for a six-wheeler and the 20th for Tyrrell as a manufacturer. The British manufacturer completed the triumph with Patrick Depailler's second place, making it the seventh one-two in its history.

Jody Scheckter | 1976 | Anderstorp

Jody Scheckter | 1976 | Anderstorp

My personal view

Get ready to relive a truly exhilarating moment in Formula 1 history - the 1976 Swedish Grand Prix at Anderstorp. And who could forget the remarkable performance by Jody Scheckter that day? With his undeniable talent and unwavering determination, Scheckter secured victory in an awe-inspiring manner. From the roar of the engines to the nail-biting overtakes, every second of this race was laced with sheer excitement. As he elegantly maneuvered his Tyrrell P34 through each corner with finesse and precision, Scheckter showcased his mastery over the track. The atmosphere was electric as fans held their breath while witnessing this display of skill amidst fierce competition. It was a tremendous achievement for Scheckter and an unforgettable moment for motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. And if you ask any fan lucky enough to witness that extraordinary day in person, their eyes will light up as they recount this epic triumph from start to finish.

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