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Kevin Schwantz | 1991 | Hockenheim

Updated: Feb 16

The 1991 German motorbike Grand Prix was the sixth round of the 1991 GP500.

The race in the 500 class was won by Kevin Schwantz thanks to a last lap overtaking Wayne Rainey, with the two American riders reaching the finish line just 16 thousandths apart. Third place went to Mick Doohan, almost nine seconds behind the two riders who contended for victory. 

Kevin Schwantz | 1991 | Hockenheim

Kevin Schwantz | 1991 | Hockenheim

My personal view

Oh man, let me tell you about Kevin Schwantz and his epic race at Hockenheim in 1991. This guy is a legend in the world of motorcycle racing, and he definitely left his mark on this particular event. It was a nail-biting race from start to finish. Schwantz showed off his incredible skills and fearless demeanor as he pushed himself to the limit on that track. He battled against some fierce competitors, but it seemed like nothing could stop him that day. His bike screamed through those long straights and hairpin bends with precision and power. The crowd went wild as he tore past his rivals, executing daring overtakes with ease. Schwantz's determination paid off, as he triumphantly crossed the finish line in first place, sealing his victory. It was an absolute thrill to witness such sheer athleticism and gutsy performance from this modern-day daredevil.

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