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Honda RS125R | 1992 - 2022 | 30th Anniversary

Updated: Feb 16

The Honda RS125R was a 125cc two-stroke Grand Prix racing motorcycle manufactured by Honda Racing Corporation for racing purposes only. It debuted in 1980, racing in the All Japan Road Race Championship.

In 1987 a redesigned version was entered in the World Championship ridden by Ezio Gianola; since 1988 the new bikes were manufactured also for customer teams.

The Honda RS125R has won nine World Championship titles for riders, with Loris Capirossi, Dirk Raudies, Haruchika Aoki, Emilio Alzamora, Dani Pedrosa, Andrea Dovizioso and Thomas Lüthi, while Honda was crowned Constructors' World Champion eleven times.

honda rs125 history

In the 1992 season, the Honda RS125R in the GP125 class (today Moto3) scored 10 victories, 8 pole positions and won the manufacturers' championship with 242 points.

The riders' championship was won, however, by Alessandro Gramigni on an Aprilia.

Mine is a tribute to this feat, I dedicated an illustration to the 6 championship riders, printed on posters and t-shirts.

1 RS125R | Ezio Gianola

2 RS125R | Ralf Waldmann

3 RS125R | Fausto Gresini

4 RS125R | Dirk Raudies

5 RS125R | Jorge Martinez

6 RS125R | Kazuto Sakata

My personal view

The Honda RS125R was truly a marvel on the racing circuit, and we are thrilled to celebrate its incredible legacy three decades later. In the 1992 season, this remarkable machine showcased unrivaled power and agility, dominating the tracks with precision and speed. From podium finishes to record-breaking lap times, every race was a testament to Honda's engineering prowess and dedication to perfection. This commemorative tribute is a testament to the enduring impact of this iconic motorcycle on both the sport of racing and Honda's place in history. As enthusiasts come together to recall those exhilarating moments from 1992, one can't help but feel tingles of excitement imagining being part of that electrifying atmosphere once again. Cheers to three decades of excellence – may this celebration be filled with nostalgia, admiration, and renewed enthusiasm for one of the most legendary bikes ever created!

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