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Honda NSR250 | 1991 - 2021 | 30th Anniversary

Updated: Feb 16

The Honda NSR250 and Honda RS250RW were race motorcycles manufactured by Honda Racing Corporation to race in the 250cc class of the Grand Prix motorcycle World Championship. Both names identified the factory specification bikes entrusted to works teams, while customer teams used the production racer Honda RS250R.

The first bike debuted in 1985 as Honda RS250RW, then from 1986 to 2002 the factory bikes were named NSR250. In 2003 the RS250RW name was resurrected until the demise of the 250 cc class.

The 250cc class world championship was won 11 times by riders riding the Honda RS250RW and NSR250: Freddie Spencer, Anton Mang, Sito Pons, Luca Cadalora, Max Biaggi, Daijiro Kato, Dani Pedrosa and Hiroshi Aoyama.


In the 1991 season, the Honda NSR250 in the GP250 class (today Moto2) scored 13 victories, 13 pole positions and won the manufacturers' championship with 260 points.

The riders' championship was won, by Luca Cadalora on Honda NSR 250 Team Rothmans.

Mine is a tribute to this feat, I dedicated an illustration to the 3 championship riders, printed on posters, t-shirts and phone-cases

1 NSR250 | Luca Cadalora

2 NSR250 | Helmut Bradl

3 NSR250 | Carlos Cardus

My personal view

I am beyond thrilled to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the incredible Honda NSR250's 1991 season with a heartfelt tribute. This iconic motorcycle truly left an indelible mark on racing history, captivating enthusiasts worldwide with its unrivaled performance and sleek design. In that legendary season, the NSR250 showcased its prowess, dominating the competition and solidifying its place as a true force to be reckoned with. From blistering track speeds to agile cornering capabilities, this magnificent machine demonstrated Honda's unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in motorcycle engineering. As we fondly reminisce about this exhilarating chapter in sports history, let us not forget the sheer passion and dedication of the riders who fearlessly piloted these two-wheeled marvels. Here's to the Honda NSR250 – may it continue inspiring generations of motorcycle enthusiasts for many years to come!

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